Palliative Care

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TAMCARE offers customized care solutions to fulfill the needs of your loved one

Palliative Care Services

At TAMCARE Home Health we specialize in providing palliative care support. When faced with an advanced illness it can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to turn for help. At any stage in this journey, our compassionate and knowledgeable staff can help by providing personal care assistance, companion aide services and emotional, psychosocial and spiritual support. We also provide palliative respite care for clients and their caregivers. 

Helping hand of senior
Personal support worker consulting with senior
Back view of nurse caregiver support walking with elderly woman outdoor

What does Palliative Care Look Like?

Our goal at TAMCARE is to improve the quality of life for both the patient and their family. The first step is to assess the conditions of the dependant in our free consultation so we can begin to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets the patient’s individual needs and goals. Once we have coordinated the care-plan with the family, our team will provide the care needed, as frequently as needed, while facilitating open communication between the patient and their family through the TAMVOES platform. This helps keep the family, the patient, and the TAMCARE team informed through live updates after every Personal Support Worker visit. Our care team will also provide support and resources to help the patient and their family cope with all aspects of a serious illness.