About Us

About Us

TAMCARE Home Health is a Waterloo based all-inclusive home care company. Learn more about us!

Our Company

TAMCARE Home Health is a Waterloo based all-inclusive home care company. We offer a wide variety of services ranging from consulting and coordination to housekeeping and personal support services. 

During any stage in life, we recognize that it can be extremely difficult to manage and properly care for your loved one. It can also be extremely difficult to select the right environment for your dependant as both long-term care centres and other palliative care centres lack comfort and availability. We also recognize the stigma around palliative care and we want to ensure that can be removed. According to statistics Canada, 3/4 of Canadians wish to die at home but only 15% of Canadians end up dying at home due to lack of accessibility to these services. We seek to help keep your loved one’s in the comfort of their own homes.

Our Mission

TAMCARE’s mission is to empower individuals in all life situations but more importantly end-of-life situations to live happy and organized lives. We want to provide support at the highest standard so that you and your loved ones can spend as much quality time together as possible. This is a stressful time in your life and we want to take as much of the stress away as possible. Connecting and serving families in Waterloo region.

Our Story

Our founder Jessica’s story is what has inspired the development of TAMCARE. Jessica has cared for many friends and family during their illnesses and end-of-life. She has seen first hand the importance of granting ones wishes if they choose to die of age from the comfort of their own home. Jessica’s mom and grandma, of whom were very dear to her, unfortunately passed away at home in 2020.

She worked to coordinate with the professional team and caregivers/family to make this wish possible. Seeing the joy that came from her mom and grandma after retaining their independence, Jessica wants to enable and support others to have the same experience.

Jessica and Jordan Helping out