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TAMCARE Home Health is a Waterloo based all-inclusive home care company.

Our Services

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Consulting & Coordination

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Palliative Care Services

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Personal Support Services

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Housekeeping Services

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Our Story

Our founder Jessica’s story is what has inspired the development of TAMCARE. Jessica has cared for many friends and family during their illnesses and end-of-life. She has seen first hand the importance of granting ones wishes if they choose to die of age from the comfort of their own home.

Jessica’s mom and grandma, of whom were very dear to her, unfortunately passed away at home in 2020. She worked to coordinate with the professional team and caregivers/family to make this wish possible. Seeing the joy that came from her mom and grandma after retaining their independence, Jessica wants to enable and support others to have the same experience.

TAMVOES Partnership

TAMCARE has partnered with TAMVOES to provide an additional communication channel between our team, you, and your loved one. The TAMVOES platform allows for us to provide you and your support network with real time updates about the care being received. We will help to create an electronic health record for your loved one as well as securely share journal events, files, and keep a track record of the outcomes of all appointments.

More information about the TAMVOES platform can be found by following the link below.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“I hired Tamcare Home Health to supplement services that my mother is receiving from her retirement residences.  She is in a transitional phase of her life where she requires additional support but has not been deemed critical to be given a space in full time nursing care facility. 

Jessica Lunshof and Addison Derhak were professional when they came out to complete a home assessment and I was left with a confident feeling that my mother would be treated with respect. My mother adores her PSW Tabita Smith and talks about how she enjoys their visits.  Each visit I know that my mother is receiving that best care that she deserves and that she is in the care of a qualified trained personal support worker”

E. Allen

“Tamcare Home Health has been phenomenal since the first day I spoke with them. Not only do they keep my mom safe,  happy and comfortable as she bravely faces her daily challenges with dementia, they also support my dad to allow him to be able to keep doing the things he enjoys while keeping Mom at home. 

The PSW’s and RPN’s have been respectful to dad’s needs as well as knowledgeable in caring for mom.

Jessica has been a great friend to dad which has been instrumental in his ability to cope with all the changes he has faced over the last few years.

Our whole family is so grateful for the Tamcare team every day. I highly recommend them.”

L. Dunbar

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